See the Field come alive with Abrahám A. Embí Sorondo many video’s showing the interchange of life’s bioelectromagnetic— its a wow.

Table of Content

Features of Bioelectromagnetic Energy in Plant and Animal Tissues

A word for Abrahám A. Embí Sorondo

1- Summary: LANDMARK DEMONSTRATION iron particles circulating around the  HAIR FOLLICLE

2 – What is Bioelectromagnetism?

3- Methodology to display intra-inter tissue magneto
profiles (MPs)

4- Transmission and Receive, Waves

5- Bioelectromagnetic Recording of Living Matter 

6- Bioluminescence and Biophysics

7- The Body as Electrical System

8- Unimpeded meaning no external biomagnetic influence

9- Hair Follicle Ferricyanide Crystallization and Transfer of Energy

10- Anatomy of Hair

11- The Shepherd’s Hook Phenomenon

12- The Great Divide

13- Two Human Follicles Facing and Communicating

14- Inter-species Magnetic Profile

15- Emitting Light from a Follicle

16- Mosquito Inter-species  Communication

17- Human Hair Follicle Vertical Biomagnetic Field Reach 

18- The Whiskers as Receiver (antenna)

19- Bio Similarities

20 Whiskers/hairs as receivers/transmitters

Bioelectromagnetism It’s Spirit and It’s Light

1- Cut Hair Disrupts 

2- Bioenergy and Senses

3- Crystallization Dominant Backward Suction of hair molecules similarity to Ocean Wave Riptide Currents

4- Hair as an Antenna -World War II Trackers

5- Anatomy of the Hair

6- Hair Shaft Ghost Images

7- Graphite – Repulsion and Attractions

8- Hair and Illumination

9- Hair and Gut Feelings

10- Hair and Alcohol’s Distortion 

11- Hair Detoxing

12- Hair and Aging

13- Hair Tetracycline

14- Hair and Dehydration

15- Hair and Clarity

Patterns in Nature

1- Blood and Mars Surface

2- Micro to Macro Comet Tails

3- Dendritical Structures

4- Scaffolding

5- Biomimicry: Lighting System

6- Biomimicry: Fibre Optics

Bioelectromagnetic Wellness Solutions

1- Blood and EMF

2. Respirable Air Pollution Particulates And
Cancer: The Magnetite Connection

3- Human Saliva

4- Fat Molecule

5- Prevention 

6- Bioelectric Code

7- Migraine

8- Aging & Magnetism

9- Heart and Stress 

10- Ultrasound Tests

11- Oral Cavity

12- Magnetic Fields and Material Escherichia coli

The Process of Review

Bodies Electric: Books Suggestions