Stefan Mitchell is emerging as the vocal artist of awakening consciousness on the planet. His rich, multi-dimensional vocal style, poignant lyrical tapestries and captivating stage performance give listeners the soul searing depth of a longed for spiritual connection. From the power that moves through his performances to his wry sense of humor, Stefan lives his belief that we are all made of one spirit. He feels that the deeper the recognition of that single spirit in our self and others, the better the planet will heal.

Stefan’s purpose in this work is to heal the planet one song at a time. It’s happening now. Stefan has been a presenter for spiritual organizations and metaphysical conferences throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. He has performed in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and Japan and shared the stage with internationally known personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston and Dr. Jane Goodall. All over the world, people wonder how Stefan can make the tension between the deep spiritual reach of his songs and the playful, light-hearted way he approaches life resolve. Every concert receives a standing ovation. Or two. Or three! He humbly responds that it is just the very real way our Creator has manifested talent THROUGH a spiritual being having a delightfully physical experience here on earth.

Ten of these spiritually rich and reflective songs are on the CD, From Within, released in 2005. Stefan’s first original song is the title track. Perfect Mystery came next in 2006. Its upbeat pop/rock feel enhances the messages of hope and resolution of the human condition in a different way. Five original songs are the true substance of this work including Lean into Me, a One Vibration Radio favorite. That song plus The Other Side of Letting Go and Remember to Breathe all made’s top ten songs.