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The science of sound, cymatics, reveals an unfolding universe of sound frequencies. From the word of God our world was formed, consider “thought forms”. Explore with out innovative thinkers the shaping of our world from the depts of the ocean,to the shaping of your body, to how we can heal ourselves.

Origins of Life – Gerald Pollack
John Stuart Reid & Annailese Stuart – The Shape of Life
Richard Merrick – Harmonic Evolution
Gene Webb – Nodes of Resonance, and What Does it Mean to Unfold
Vibratory Therapies
Joyce Hawkes – Resonance in Healing
David Hickey – Gateway to the Cosmos
Lynn Woodland – Miracle Experiment
Jeffrey Armstrong – Body Types are Elemental
Walter Russell courtesy of The University of Science and Philosophy
Karen Elkins

Excerpts for InsideOUT

Artist David Heskin