Among the many terms that might describe ADAM ABRAHAM’s core activities and interests, include author (I Am My Body, NOT!), publisher (Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, (1st Ed) by Mark Sircus), videographer, documentary filmmaker and radio host. In another era, the term Natural Philosopher would apply. In his blog, Thought For Food ( and radio show Talk For Food (, the “realms of quantum possibility” that he explores in words, images, and video, through articles and interviews, have attracted over 2 million viewers and 3,000 subscribers, despite covering what might best be described as, mindful subjects of the heart.

Water became a particular subject of interest to Adam after crossing paths with the developer of another structuring device, being introduced to the work of Viktor Schauberger, worked with other authors on water science, such as MJ Pangman and Melanie Evens, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, Drs. Konstantin Korotkov and Krishna Madappa, among others, and his own experimentation and ongoing research.
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