Brenda Williams
A Gift to Humanity

Brenda Williams is a Catalyst for change, a creative thinker who mirrors a personal understanding of life’s challenges and models solutions that can work for anyone…in real time and real life. She is an author, producer and creative engineer within the field of sound/no sound vibrational/frequency application.   Since 1994, Brenda has been sharing her discoveries and expertise with others.  She continues to share her work during group conference calls, group gatherings and training intensives for others to learn and use the principles of The Quiet Miracles API Process(c).  
Prior to 1994, Brenda owned and operated Your Girl Friday, Inc.  A full staff of in-house personnel served the local small business and corporate community.  Personally assessing the needs within the environment of her many clients, she successfully placed both temporary and permanent employees within the workforce.  These assessment skills…the ability to observe and see where additional support is necessary for a more efficient environment…are now being brought into her work with individuals and business environments as we begin to create within the new reality.
In 1994, Brenda opened Quiet Miracles, Inc., a non-profit organization that became the foundation for the work she continues to do today. The original Quiet Miracles website material, in an updated format, can be found in the Archives section of this site.  Quiet Miracles, Inc. presented programs in schools, hospitals, educational environments as well as addressing the needs of individuals who participated in the programs offered.  A list of presentation sites represent the diversity of the Quiet Miracles programs.
Her life experience has been carefully documented in her journals. The discovery of The Triad Wave, her work with what she calls her “off-planet collaborators” and her part in the Earth Project are now told in her soon-to-be-released book entitled Through the Looking Glass – Becoming Wholly Human. An on-going look into these interactions along with how one might ride the ride of this amazing change in our earth based reality is part of the Blog section of this website.
While presenting at the Duke University Mind/Body Study Group, Brenda’s Duke sponsor suggested she use the following credentials, NCN-OBG (No Credentials Necessary – Ordained By God). He felt they best represented the message she was sharing. While not formally given in an academic arena, they have become the cornerstone for her work. The School of Life Experiences prepared her well for what  has become her life’s purpose – Creating Calm Within the Chaos of Personal and Global Evolutionary change.
NOTE:  If you would like to have Brenda speak at your event, schedule an on-site presentation of the Quiet Miracles API Process, license the Triad Wave for use in your project, or schedule a consultation to learn how the this might work within your project   Contact Brenda.