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Foster Gamble — Interview

Interview with Foster Gamble with Karen Elkins, Editor of Science to Sage

Foster Gamble is the Researcher, Co-Writer and Visual Designer of the documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.

Previously, Foster was CEO of MindCenter Corporation and an instructor in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was the on-screen host for the PBS documentary Aikido – The Way of Harmony and created three consulting services — Interaction Dynamics (communication/conflict resolution), LifeBalance and Zonesport — which he has delivered throughout the country.
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Paul has twenty-nine years of experience in industrial electronic applications, as a technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager and applications and design engineer.  Paul has worked with public entities and private organizations in fields ranging from avionics, power generation, telephony and alternative energy. He has broad experience designing and implementing custom communication and electronics systems in both the public and private sectors, and in developing large-scale communications solutions for the oil and gas industry. Paul is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation for companies and individuals in especially remote locations. Since 2001 Paul  has been turning Magnetic Energy from theory to fact and building FlyBack Energy Inc. into a business platform to launch Magnetic Energy products into the marketplace.
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Christian Weber – Innovation and SHIFTPOD Story

Christian Weber is an innovative entrepreneur with a career that has spanned many industries and covered a wide range of markets. Among them: oil and gas development and rework, import/export/logistics, manufacturing, mining, software and internet systems development.

He has founded and funded several start-ups while staying involved through development, production, sales, and public offering. He has a unique ability to identify market trends “ahead of the curve” giving companies a cutting edge in meeting consumer needs before others have capitalized on these trends. By pushing the envelope with concepts, technology and marketing he has made several companies very successful.

His latest offering, Advanced Shelter Systems, Inc. (ASSI) produces high-speed, heat reflective pop-up shelters that can host families for extended stays and can be set up in 20 seconds called the SHIFTPOD. “Built for us by us” has been the motto that insures the best materials are used to produce the best quality. SHIFTPOD also gives one shelter to a family in need for ever 20 shelters sold. ASSI continues to refine materials and technologies in the shelter and emergency response space including low power air conditioning units, heating units and power generators.

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I have been researching energy on my own for many years. I do my own experiments as to confirm or disprove my own thoughts pertaining to energy. This technique of doing experiments of my own conception and not just replicating others experiments, has enabled me to uncover some very important and original discoveries which is now changing science on a daily basis.

There are many self imposed restrictions scientists have placed on themselves, and thus causing science not to  progress forward as quickly as it should have.

Doing my own work and absorbing anything I felt was relative to TRUTH in regards to Energy is how I advanced to a level that has been o
verwhelming in rewarding and truthful knowledge. 
I’ve studied through the years a few great researchers of energy from history such as Nikola Tesla , Edward Leedskalnin , Albert Cushing Crehore among others.

I only absorbed and focused my attention on what I felt were TRUTHS within all my reading, and original experimenting of my own design. Then one night doing some physical scientific experiments, I saw something in my magnetic work similar to the ancient Flower of Life design.

This instantly made me realize that all of Sacred  Geometry was really the SEGMENTED BLUEPRINTS to MAGNETIC ENERGIES .. This conclusion also tied together some work of Ed Leedskalnin, an immigrant from Latvia and the builder of the Coral Castle or also known as Rock Gate. An amazing muti-ton hand carved coral stone complex located in Homestead Florida.

 Ed Leedskalnin had left a subtle visual design on the cover of one of his small self published booklets entitled “MAGNETIC CURRENT”. This was a design showing two flexible curves seen in many ancient designs and architectures. 

So on my own, I took those two curves and proved my conclusions of Sacred Geometry being the Blueprints of Magnetic energies. I proved it visually , mathematically, and most importantly in real working PHYSICAL SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATIONS.



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Vernon began studying Electronics and Mechanical Design at a very early age. When in his early 20’s, while studying Physics and Psychology, Vernon learned of the essential interconnection between forces of energy and forces of nature.

For the last 15 years, Vernon has studied and developed technologies and formulations that use this interconnection to generate energy, to heal and educate to higher levels of consciousness.