Edition 35
Science to Sage


Is there SEED for all religions?
Consider what  ancient architecture tells us about our past.
What were the lost arts and wisdom of the ancient past.

Richard Cassro – A Universal Religion

Gregg Braden – The Mystery and Meaning of the God Code

Anthony Morris – Summary of the DNA

Stan Tenen – Linguistic Cosmology

Rick Strauss – DMT and the Soul of Prophecy

Freddy Silva – The Lost Art of Resurrection

Stan Grof – Revelation: A Lifting of the Veil

Mada Eliza Dalian – The Purpose of Being Human

Dr. Vijay Kumar – The Therapeutic Benefits of Gold

Karen Elkins – Excerpts from InsideOUT: The Visual Guide to Our Designer Universe


Banyen Books, Vancouver, BC Adam Abraham – Food for Thought 0 World