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Edition 55
Science to Sage


Look cross varies ways to think of the intelligence in the universe.
From the equation of the century taking on a new meaning, to a Harvard Ph.D.
having a “near-death” experience and coming back with a few pearls of wisdom….
and so much more.

Enjoy exploring …always an adventure.


Albert Einstein  – Reframing The Equation, a Letter to my Daughter  – pages 4-9

Tim Freke – Evolution and the Purpose of Life – pages 12-29

Tim Freke – Evolution and the Purpose of Life –   pages 32-38

Eben Alexander M.D. – Perception and Consciousness  – pages 42-58

Klee Irwin – Hacking Reality – Video and connect to the series , Pages 64-65

Elizabeth Donavan  – Is Life and Illusion- page 66–73

John Stuart Reid – The Model of Sound… – Page 78-79

Len Murray -New Physics → Ajax McIntosh Model and New Atomic Structure – Series part 3 – Pages 80-109

RexResearch – page 112