Lynnclarie Dennis

On January 15, 1987, the dynamic structure we now know as the Mereon Matrix was first glimpsed. At that time, the geometry, its knot, the name, and the ramifications and impact it would eventually have, were unknown. Like a dream, the vision almost immediately began to dissolve, however a deep internal knowing catalyzed a profound intent to remember.
The story of that first glimpse, pattern recognition and the earliest years of exploration were told in “The Pattern”, a book authored by Lynnclaire Dennis, and published in 1997. This book reads like science
fiction, an action packed adventure told with humour and humility that recounts the beginning of what continues to be an amazing adventure. The facts are all true, the witnesses many.
The scientific investigation has been continuous since 1998, however it has purposely remain unpublicized to a wider audience until the details were verified, demonstrated as precisely accurate and applicable, and the publication of the Elsevier book. A version for the lay reader is in the works along with books on the applied science.