The Power of Peace in You takes you on a journey that leads to the heart of your soul. As you read the true stories of people who walked through a maze of challenges to discover and then share their innate gifts with the world – it will inspire you of what is possible for us all. 
This book of newfound wisdom holds you captive as it describes an energy stream of pure peace that ignites a power within people to recognize their greatest potential, and how you can bring this transformative gift into your life as well. 
We have lost touch with this inherent power we once knew; The Power of The Peace in You shows us that it is not that distant anymore – we can access it now to heal and discoverthe happiness this knowledge brings. It’s not a concept – it’s experiential; you know it as it expands within you.
Chapter-by-chapter, you’ll find signposts to guide your personal journey. From the initial stirring when you recognize Something’s Changing… Are You Listening, to dissolving old patterns in Trials, Tribulations & Other Bumps on the Road, from finding the courage to following your dreams in Returning with New Knowledge, to the incredible synchronistic events that occur when you are Creating Your Life with Purpose & Love
Each marker includes insights of the authors’ quest, her struggles and triumphs, and stories of the people she was destined to meet in her travels around the globe. Maasai warriors in Africa struggling to find hope, jobless professionals looking for work in America, depressed teens in college wanting to be healthy, and ten year olds being bullied at school. Their stories will encourage you as you see yourself in them and allow their victories to inspire your own.  
The Power of Peace in You is a transformational tool for an awakening into greater consciousness that you will return to time and again; The Practices at the end of each Chapter can guide you in creating a life that matches your highest aspirations. And the Stillness SessionCD accompanying this book will deepen your connection to the innate wisdom at your core.
What better time than now, to embrace who you truly are. 

To ignite the power of peace in you – to find the courage, strength and serenity to live a life that is meaningful and of value.
To learn how to connect with the higher intelligence of the heart – in the midst of chaos and the anxiety created by life’s uncertainty.
To inspirethrough stories of everyday people from around the globe, who transcended major challenges, and now offer their talents to uplift and empower others.
To offer a transformational tool for the awakening of consciousness.

Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned author, recording artist, educator, and humanitarian, recognized for igniting the power of peace in people around the world. The Simplicity of Stillness® Method she founded in 2004 is pioneering new awareness today in the field of healing and consciousness through this infinite energy stream.

Marlise’s journey was fueled by the limitations of her dramatic childhood circumstances – growing up with an alcoholic parent, becoming a teen runaway, substance abuser and then a young single mother. Although she later became a successful entrepreneur, few would have foretold the extraordinary shift that would cause her to become a humanitarian, dedicated to expanding peace in the world.

What could possibly have happened to prompt her to leave the comfort of all she had attained for a future that was unfamiliar and unchartered?