When his son Joshua acquired an uncontrolled seizure disorder at five months of age, Ted Kuntz entered one of the darkest periods of his life. After years of anger, despair and fear, Ted Kuntz had a life-transforming encounter with his son. This encounter changed the way he saw both his son and himself. Kuntz began an intensive journey of self inquiry to discover what pointed him in the direction of peace, joy and happiness, and what pointed him in the direction of anger, sadness and despair. Peace Begins With Me is an inspiring summary of the wisdom Kuntz acquired on this journey. Kuntz reminds us we can experience peace, joy and happiness through the practice of simple, yet powerful practices. Kuntz takes the wisdom of ancient masters and incorporates this wisdom into day-to-day language and action.

You will discover:

• Six ways of thinking that feed your negativity

• Twelve strategies to increase your peace, joy and happiness •

The difference between stress and distress

• How to create Peace within.