“You Are The Universe:
Imagine That” Presents “Theory of Everything” Reconciling Science and Religion

You Are The Universe: Imagine That (YouAreTheUniverse.tv) presents a “theory of everything” that reconciles science and religion in a way that anyone can understand and visualize. Unlike the unified field theories of Albert Einstein and modern unified field theorists, Bill’s picture of the universe can be visualized by non-mathematicians.

Thought experiments in You Are The Universe: Imagine That involve readers as active participants in exploring answers to questions such as: 

    Is the universe conscious? Can you communicate with the universe and receive communication back? Does the universe provide you with clues as to the best action to take? Do you have an inner guidance system that can be tuned into? Are the words of the great spiritual leaders of all time a single “code”?

In his warm and often humorous manner, Bill invites readers to experiment with the ideas, be open-minded, and “experience for yourself what may well be the true nature of reality”.