Karl Herrmann is widely recognized for his imagery, both in motion picture cinematography and still photography. He has created memorable images from the Himalayas of Nepal to the Andes of Argentina and from the plains of Africa to the jungles of the Amazon.

He has lent his wide ranging visual skills to such Hollywood blockbuster movies as “E.T.”, “The Right Stuff” and “I, ROBOT”, to mention but a few. In television, he was the creative visual inspiration to such hit shows as “Touched by an Angel” and “Dawson’s Creek”. Karl’s silver gelatin black & white landscape photography is represented in museums, galleries and private collections throughout North America.

But it is here and now that we see the genesis of a new vision Karl is developing. He has combined his world-class skills as a cinematographer with his love of the natural world to create movie-like windows into his visionary world. And, like the silver screen format he is so used to, these landscape images can be made quite large. Karl uses a digital process to produce this color work, yet he strictly adhere to the original vision provided by nature. No digital ‘tricks’ are utilized in any of these images.

Karl makes his home in Vancouver, Canada.

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Freddy Silva –
Freddy Silva is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness.

He is best-selling author of ‘Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles’, a critically-acclaimed work, published in four languages, providing the only thorough appraisal of this much misunderstood phenomenon.

Articles and photography as seen in Science to Sage Magazine:
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