The Universe is Collective Dynamics Consciousness of GOD’s Quantum Mind, Intellect and Resolves (Sanskars) in form of Aether energy neural network Cosmic grid, which he keep in form of storage of Aether frequencies as Akashic record in White hole and His Intellect acts as Gforce to create 16 forces i.e Gravity, Electromagnetic, Nuclear force etc though his divine virtues and power in super quantum gravity field which works on these Aether frequencies to create reality of universe through Resolves (Sanskars) i.e Cosmometry. The patterns of E8 lattice geometry which created from Star geometry of self bounding all matter of creation with Time as Cyclic Geometrical Conscious entity with infinite Sacred geometric patterns of Aether energies. This is the real Cosmic dance of Natraj… Akashic records are Quantum Mind of GOD, the sustenance of entire cosmic creation by one Gforce is Intellect of GOD and playing Cosmic dance in Cyclic Sacred Geometrical patterns (Cosmometry) are Resolves (Sanskars) of Almighty GOD.